Mira, I’ve been on this earth for 40 yrs. I’m the eldest firstborn daughter of immigrants so much of my life has been figuring things out for myself on the fly.

Sometimes I imagine a time portal scenario. What would it be like to have 20 min with my teenage self?

Why 20 min? Because that’s how time travel works in my head. How would I use that time with her and what would I say?

First I would give her a bone-brushing hug and tell her she’s gonna be ok. Then I’d pull out my little list and read it to her. 📝

  1. You are safe now
  2. Your body has been and always will be your home
  3. You can say no to things that make you uncomfortable
  4. No one gets to define you but you
  5. Everyone doesn’t hate you (probably😅)
  6. Failing is how you learn and 100% normal
  7. Nervous System regulation is power
  8. Mindset Regulation is power
  9. You don’t have to marry the person you lost your virginity to
  10. Tampons are fine, but menstrual cups are better
  11. Learn how to discuss things compassionately
  12. Softness is a superpower
  13. Learn to relax your shoulders
  14. Notice what or who affects your perception of the world
  15. Taking care of your skin is cool
  16. Everyone is doing their best
  17. Be curious, not judgmental
  18. Most people want to see you win
  19. Never ever ever compete for a man
  20. You are allowed to feel safe in your feminine energy
  21. You are allowed to feel soft in your masculine energy
  22. Self-compassion is much more productive than self-hate
  23. You are allowed to dislike alcohol
  24. Follow your curiosities
  25. Eventually, everything connects


Carla Corazón

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